A Train More Play Less Organization

About Americans

Americans organization focuses on consistent, hard work and striving to become a better all-around athlete. We believe in pushing your teammates to be better, picking them up when they are down, and always believing in yourself.

Character is revealed in times of adversity; our sport provides that adversity. Putting these young ballplayers in extremely competitive situations will help them develop their character, which will benefit them not only in the sport but in life as well. If you would like an opportunity to join our organization or would like to contact us to find out more information about our vision and training regiment

This program design was created to bring together the “American” people throughout the country that have the same life and baseball mindset. This program is not designed to say what state and/or region is better. We are one nation; it is time to bring or sport back by cultivating all our talent together to show America’s true potential.

We're a Train More Play Less Organization

The Train More Play Less philosophy is derived from the idea of creating a firm foundation for our players so that they will be able to succeed 3, 5, 10 years down the road. Building these young humans starts with a sustainable foundation that they can use to propel success in all aspects of their life. Our coaching staff strives to identify weaknesses and strengths and works to turn their weaknesses into strengths and strengths into traits of excellence.

We are not reinventing anything and the process is not mind-blowing, yet we simply have taken a top-down approach in which we will mimic the yearly sports cycle of the top high school and college programs throughout our nation. These programs do not play 100 games a year, they do not throw the same pitcher every day for three days during a long weekend tournament…these programs train intently and intensely in the off-season and they follow protocol to ensure their players are protected from frivolous injuries. These programs have a player-first mindset, we have a player-first mindset!

American's Culture

The mission of the Train More Play Less program is to build a family-friendly culture; a culture that is committed to the fundamentals and principles of the game, where growth and future success is the byproduct of this foundational work. In this culture, we teach the team values and morals while developing the most innovative and competitive baseball program in the country. The Train More Play Less culture fosters personal growth and respect in a team environment. This culture is not about us as individuals, this culture is about what we can do for others.

Coaches/trainers will instill a deep level of respect for tradition and what it will take to achieve excellence. Respect the game, respecting themselves and the people who are helping shape them.

As a member of the Train More Play Less program, we are energy givers, maintaining a positive attitude and giving max effort day in and day out (it’s the grind). The players learn baseball is about failure and there are only two things you can control when you dawn the uniform…attitude and effort. It is our expectations as a staff that the players must maintain a positive attitude and give a max effort, there is no room in the program for bottom feeders/energy suckers.

Players in our program will maintain community involvement. The train more play less organization contributes to various causes to include; food drives, holiday helping, and tree drive, helping the homeless and other small acts of service-based events that happen throughout the year. We encourage our players to be a leader in their community and an example for others to follow.

Our program embodies principles of hard work and being the best you can be in all aspects of your life, on and off the field. This passion expresses itself as personal successes and team successes on many levels. The Train More Play Less program is centered around our nation’s youth and building a better tomorrow through their development.