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Coach Andrew Dorado joined the coaching staff in the summer of 2018 after being apart of the coaching staff at Southeastern University and their 2018 NAIA National Championship.

Andrew graduated from Sterling College with his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science (2016). He first started his college career at Chaffey Community College and then transfer to a University. He played in the 2013 and 2014 seasons at Chaffey whom he was coached by Jeff Harlow (Retired), Jody Stevens (Retired), and Chris Walters (Head Coach at College of the Desert).

Before entering college, Andrew was not sure if he was going to continue his baseball career since he had elbow surgery in his freshman year of high school and only got the chance to play his junior and senior years. He was just an average high school player and was a two-way player, but wanted to focus more on being a position player. He decided to do his research and reach out to community colleges in the area and the first one to contact him back was Jeff Harlow at Chaffey. Once he got to Chaffey, he knew it was not going to be easy to be an everyday starter. He worked very hard to where he was sitting on the bench for half of his first year as a freshman and then once there was an injury; he was the first one to go in and never gave the coaching staff of taking him off of the field. Considering he only played half of the season, he was able to receive 2nd Team All-Conference (Foothill) as a first baseman. The following year was his best year in which he led the CCCAA with a batting average of .444.  With him having this outstanding year he earned 1st Team All-Conference (Foothill), All-Southern California, All-State, All-Western Region, and All American.

After competing for Chaffey Community College, many Universities all over the U.S. contacted Andrew, but he decided to continue and further his education and baseball career at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas. He felt it was the best opportunity for him and his family. During his junior year at Sterling, he told himself that he was going to get stronger and in better shape. Well, it ended up paying off because he was able to hit his first career collegiate home run along with six more as well as hitting with a batting average of .370 and receiving All-Conference (KCAC) and Gold Glove (1st Basemen – KCAC). For his senior year, he had his best college career statistics wise because he hit .413 with 99 hits and 15 home runs. Unfortunately, there was another great first baseman in the KCAC in which he was given 2nd Team All-Conference. He was happy about his outcome especially since he helped lead his team to the NAIA World Series and have a record of 2-2. Sterling College ended their season by being nationally ranked 5th in the country, which was the highest in school history.

Additionally, after Andrew completed his fourth and final year of eligibility at Sterling College, he ended up staying there for an extra semester so that he could finish his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Immediately right after he graduated in December, he was given the opportunity to coach and complete his master’s degree at Southeastern University. The head coach that coached him at Sterling College got the opportunity to take the head-coaching job at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. After Andrew and Coach Adrian Dinkel had a couple of discussions about what his plans were for his future career, he gave him the advice to go out and complete my master’s degree because that is the most critical thing when becoming a head coach. After he got the job at Southeastern, he kept in contact with Andrew and offered him the Graduate Assistant job for the baseball program, in which he said “yes” without any hesitation. In the spring of 2017, the coaching staff and Andrew helped lead their team to a 50-11 record, which happened to break the school’s previous record in the history of the baseball program.

They reached the Opening round of Playoffs and fell a little short of attending the school’s first trip to Lewiston, Idaho. In his last and final year of coaching at Southeastern, they had the best record and outcome in school history. They finished the year off with a record of 59-7 and also made school’s history and be the first athletic team to win a National Championship. They also had 3 players be in the 2018 MLB draft, and two sign a free agent deal.

The last and most important thing is that he completed his master’s degree in Human Services where he one day hopes to use the tools and other knowledge in his entire school and baseball career to help them become the best possible student-athletes that they possibly can be.

If you are Top Tier Gamer family or TMPL Facility student, then you can reach Coach Andrew by texting your necessities to (626) 261-9055 or emailing him at drewtech32@gmail.com.