A Train More Play Less Organization


We are always looking for new players to join our organization.  The one thing you have to understand is it’s More Than Baseball to us.

We believe if we can teach our youth commitment, discipline, work ethic, and mental toughness they will always find a way to success.

This program design was created to bring together the “AMERICAN” people throughout our country that have the same life and baseball mindset.  This program is not designed to say what state and/or region is better.

We are one nation; it is time to bring our sport back by cultivating all of our talents together to show AMERICA’S true potential.

During our time involved with Amateur baseball for the last 9 years, we have seen many players with tremendous talent throughout the country, lack fundamental skills needed to not only perform on a consistent basis but lack that needed discipline that it would take to be successful in life.

Travel baseball has created a culture where winning and short term success is at the forefront and player development has taken a backseat to the trophies.  The art of Coaching, teaching fundamentals, and developing leadership skills has been forgotten.

Many parents have been sucked into this WINNING AT ALL COST mentality. In the long run, the player is the one that loses out on the growth and development needed to further life skills and baseball readiness.

Train More Play Less, is a mindset that was derived with the motivation to grow the player from all angles with the focus being teaching first.  This focus on teaching empowers the player to grow, master a set of skills that will carry over into the game.  These skills create awareness, mental toughness, and extreme confidence to execute during competition.

Winning is important! However, winning is simply a mindset developed over time, inside the mind of the hardworking.  With a development first mindset, learning what it takes to win will come as the talent grows and skills become more efficient.  Train More Play Less, simply identifies that we want to prepare as much as possible. We want the players to be tested, to make adjustments, and create a winning routine.